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about us

Space structure is established to offer a full range of high quality and technically competent structural engineering services. We are dedicated to providing each client with the best solution that incorporates the client’s specific needs.


What makes us standout



We are honest to the “profession” and to “Ourselves”. At Space Structure , honesty is not a policy, But a way of life. 



We leave no stone unturned to make every concrete a piece of art and functionality. It has won us a massive number of loyal clients.



We take responsibility for all that we deliver by balancing the fine line between stability-safety-quality & economy of the project

Quality Assurance

at Design Stage

Since the designer of a structure is the person directly involved in all steps and all aspects of the whole design procedure, a rigorous self-checking should be the first essential verification approach. Based on a designer’s experience and the scope of the subject project, a check-list of self-checking items such as:

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Our Work Process

Current knowledge of construction materials and technology is an essential tool in the structural engineer’s kit. But a commitment to work in a team to achieve a defined outcome in a designated time.


Discover oportunities

We adopt the most current computer software for optimizing design solutions. Design constructability and economy are also integral parts of the structural design philosophy practiced at Space Structure


Build Foundations

We strive to deliver innovative, creative solutions that take into consideration for all the project’s performance parameters, such as cost and commercial viability, buildability and efficient use of construction resources, durability and functionality, long term operating flexibility and efficiency and environmental sustainability.


Launch Project

To accomplish the above goals, Space Structure set the various design stages such as concept, schematic, design development and the final design is adopted only upon completion of value engineering exercise to the expectation of client. The design basis report (DBR) is developed at every stage of the design to achieve the transparency against pre-set client’s targets.


experience to be trusted

Our Accomplishments

Years Of experience

greatest asset

our people and community

The team of structural engineers focusing towards the integral part of engineering services measured with activities of accuracy, optimization and stability. We always focus towards the client requirements and satisfaction by adding the values of engineering in our each steps.